Lifelong learning for all – Andrea Luxman

Lifelong learning for all
by Andrea Luxman

Andrea Luxman has recently earned an MBA with distinction from the University of Strathclyde.

She describes the overall journey to be excellent despite it being workload intense particularly given the circumstances that this was a part-time programme.

“Juggling career and studies can be really overwhelming, but with the right attitude, persistence and desire, it’s definitely something that can be managed.’’

Andrea shares that the two and half years taken to complete the MBA course was a time for her to grow both personally and professionally.

“I’ve learnt how to identify my strengths and weakness – leverage on the strengths, and improve on the weaknesses. Through self-awareness, I’ve learnt how to come out of my comfort zone and to challenge my typical way of thinking. In the everyday business world, our traditional beliefs and orthodox manner of working are constantly being challenged, hence it is imperative to have a mindset that is ready to defy status quo and allow room for change and disruption.”

Everyone who chooses to pursue an MBA degree does it for different reasons; some for a higher pay-check, some because they wish to change career paths and others purely to learn the fundamentals of management.

Stemming from a background of over nine years primarily in engineering and consulting, Andrea’s purpose of pursuing an MBA was because she was curious to discover what happens in other business sectors such as finance and marketing, as well as to deepen her understanding on the considerations that went into creating value for a successful business.

“I wanted to bridge the knowledge gap in areas that I previously knew very little about and apply it at work.”

The Strathclyde MBA is structured in a manner that emphasises both theoretical and practical business knowledge. The cross-functional curriculum provides students with the foundational knowledge required to succeed in today’s corporate world. Ultimately, it is up to each student to put into practice what has been learnt into their career.

At the heart of Strathclyde’s MBA programme is groupwork. Being able to contribute to discussions is just as important as learning in the classroom. The unique blend of experiences and know-how that each student brings to the table makes the overall learning experience much richer.

“Every classmate has valuable insights to share in discussions regardless of topic or area of expertise. I began to realise that just by listening, we can learn so much from each other. Embracing the art of listening and collaborating cohesively with groupmates definitely contributes to one becoming a better leader” adds the 32-year-old.

“I would highly recommend the Strathclyde MBA to those seeking to enhance their career prospects as well as to those wishing to gain insights into how theoretical business knowledge is interlinked to real life decision-making. Furthermore, the flexibility of the programme allows students to attend seminars at other international teaching centres such as Singapore or even Dubai which in turn encourages the opportunity for wider networking. The entire learning experience will last through a lifetime.”

Written by:
Name: Andrea Luxman
Qualification: Master of Business Administration (University of Strathclyde) with Distinction, 2017
Centre : CDC, KL

CDC EducationLifelong learning for all – Andrea Luxman


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