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Career advancement
by Victor Rajavel

My childhood days weren’t exactly easy since my parents passed very early in my childhood. Since then, even getting to college was a struggle. So stabilising myself therefore was always a priority. So, when I had enough funds to continue, I considered only 7 schools, Strathclyde was my choice.

There are so many Masters degree out there but very few which offers a comprehensive and competitive MBA such as the Strathclyde MBA. The fact that it is amongst the top 1% of Business Schools in the world made my decision easier. Further, the triple accreditation and its strength in being the top 10 in the world as it stand today in my favourite discipline, Strategy. Being a strategic person, everything I do must have a reason and a purpose behind it. If I cannot reason it, I will keep on searching till I found a good reason. Strathclyde was beyond doubt a good reason!

In the early stages of the program, getting back to books was really tough. But the Strathclyde Student Portal guides through the study and even ways of approaching each subject. This makes life easier. The textbooks which comes together makes things all the more easier.

I did not have the luxury of doing my studies full time. So part time was splendid but do not take me wrong, it is tough. But the flexibility of the Strathclyde program allows you to breathe easier through it all. You may opt to take lesser subjects for the given semester or you may take the tougher ones first or leave them to the last! It helped me since working life became too hectic with several career moves during the course of the program within the same company.

I loved strategy. With Strathclyde being top 3 at the time I signed up, I jumped at it. Learning how to read strategies, analyse and even forecast the future is quite exhilarating for me. I made sure I did well for all my strategic subjects! The other subject I loved was the leadership offered via electives. Even the format of the electives per se is interesting…you get to travel abroad to do your electives if you choose to.

When I started out my MBA postgraduate studies, I was in Product Development and 2 years later, got into Operations. The MBA has helped me look into my work from several angles, financially as well as a business perspective. From speaking just one aspect of work (functional), you now have many views and speaks (lingos) now available to you from a business perspective!

Strathclyde MBA helped me develop my Product Deck for my company suite of products. Not only had that it also allowed me to identify several key sign posts (Scenario Planning) which subsequently led to million dollar acquisitions. Too bad, from prediction to realisation, I had been in 2 separate departments, I was not a part of the team that realised it, but knowing that Strathclyde helped me learn the discipline necessary to forecast the business landscape by looking at current issues and developments is absolutely fantastic.

I am attending lots of interviews. I guess since I am loving what I am doing, I am pretty much holding out for a good opportunity to move. The amount of interview calls and profile views on job portals and linked-in has increased by 2 folds right after I published my award. It is amazing how marketable you become on the job market after your MBA.

For those whom are really interested in pursuing an MBA which is truly accredited and recognised globally, please sign up for Strathclyde. The learning experience matures you to a point where you will now be able to speak value instead of just costs. For those doing strategies and business developments, this MBA is apt for you as your roles is strategic and you will be able to see things from many perspective as opposed to before. Exploring International Business Environment allows you to look into many perspectives prior to decision making and scenario planning makes you better prepared to handle changes on the long term.

So sign up, and give your all, go with the momentum of the initial group and you will finish it faster that you can imagine.

Written by:
Name: Victor Rajavel Munusamy
Age: 40
Qualifications: MBA, University of Strathclyde (2014)
Job title: Senior Manager
Employer: VADS Berhad

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